Bloomington: Part II – Nightlife

13th Jul 2012

In my second informative splurge of a multi-part series (here’s part I if you missed it) about Bloomington, Indiana, I want to discuss the nightlife that thrives in the college town that is home to Indiana University. You may hear the city “Bloomington” and immediately think to yourself, “Well, that isn’t a major city.” Correct you are about that – it is not a major city; however, it is the city that boasts one of the top five largest alumni associations in the United States. In fact, it ranks second on the list with over 550,000 living alumni.

If you are wondering how and/or why there are so many alumni that call IU their alma mater, it may be because they went to Indiana partly due to its social life. For years, IU has been known as one of the top party schools in the country, thus providing students with a better chance to meet new people, learn of others’ different routes to IU, and the ability to go out on the weekends and get away from the stress of schoolwork.

BLOOMINGTON CONSTRUCTION COMMERCIAL 385x256 Bloomington: Part II   NightlifeThe nightlife in Bloomington is awesome. There are currently over ten bars and clubs within a ten-minute walking distance. This means that within ten minutes you would walk past all 10+ bars and clubs – many of them are lined up next to each other. Kirkwood Avenue and N. Walnut St. are the to popular areas of nightlife, with Kilroy’s owning the most popularity. Originally, there was only Kilroy’s on Kirkwood, then they added Kilroy’s Sports Bar on Walnut Street and most recently bought out another bar across the street from the original Kilroy’s and named it Dunnkirk. Kilroy’s attracts the most visitors of any bar in Bloomington throughout the week, and Kilroy’s Sports Bar is most commonly known for its club status Thursday-Saturday nights. Dunnkirk is a combination of the two, with over five bars throughout the building and a dance floor with a DJ.

Nick’s English Hut is popular for folks of all ages. It is the hot spot for watching any IU sports games, specifically basketball and football, and attracts alumni of every age group. The popular thing to do at Nick’s is play “Sink the Biz” – you’ll have to stop in and find out what that is all about. Rounding out the nightlife is Brother’s Bar and Grill, the Bluebird, The Vid, Upstairs Pub, and Yogi’s Bar & Grill. Yogi’s is another popular hangout for current students and alumni, as well as parents and other relatives. Very welcoming atmosphere, great food and plenty of space to accomodate all guests. The Bluebird is the place to be to see any live music in town, and the Vid is a gigantic space with billiards, darts, and arcade games along with just a bar.

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