Broad Ripple is burning (in a good way!)

24th Jul 2012


Chad here, and as I sit back and reflect on my latest adventures, I can’t help but think about a late-night excursion I had in Indianapolis.  More particularly, around the (in)famous Broad Ripple Village.

Known as one of Indy’s six designated cultural districts, Broad Ripple was established as its own independent municipality in 1837.  Though in 1922, it was annexed by the city of Indianapolis.  Today, it serves as a nightlife hub popular with the college-aged crowd due to its many bars and its reasonable distance from both the Butler and the IUPUI campuses.  Hey, there’s a reason they operate on the motto “we’re open if you are.”

One of the things I love about this spot?  There literally is something for everyone.  Of course, we can’t go a post about Broad Ripple without talking about its diverse bar scene.  For those who just want to grab a drink with a few friends, there are places like Chumley’s Bar & Grill or even the Broad Ripple Tavern.  Into dancing?  There’s places like Peppers or Landsharks.  Like live music?  Then places like the Monkey’s Tale or The Vogue are for you.

There’s plenty more to do here than just drink.  It’s also a hub for many local businesses.  Grab a cup of coffee from the Monon Coffee Company or enjoy an ice cream cone from the Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station before hitting up some of the vintage shops they have around.  If you’re a music lover like me, then no trip is complete without a stop at Indy CD & Vinyl.

And for those who are into exercise and fitness, there’s the famous Monon Trial, a 16-mile stretch that uses part of the Chicago-Indiana main line of the Monon Railroad.  Though you can’t ride the rails on this anymore, it’s still popular amongst pedestrians and bicyclists alike.

As you can see here, there’s more than enough to wear a guy out!  Best of all?  This is only scratching the surface.  There’s plenty to do around the Broad Ripple Village.  To learn more, check out this site.

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