Rockin’ out at the Garden of the Gods

25th Jul 2012


Travel aficionado/nature enthusiast Chad here.  When I’m on the road, I like to do more than just hang out on the beach, sample some of the local cuisine (this includes locally-made brew) and hit up some of the popular tourist destinations (traps sometimes, but they’re still interesting).  I also like to take time in to enjoy the scenery.  To hike a few trails.  To even learn more about the land of wherever I decide to go.  So as I continue to look back on all the fond memories of my last road trip, I think back to my excursion to beautiful Colorado Springs, and one of my favorite places to go while I’m there is none other than the Garden of the Gods.

Established in 1909, the Garden of the Gods is the city’s most visited park for its unique rock formations, various recreational activities and also, because admission is FREE (you can thank Charles Elliot Perkins for that one).  With over 15 miles of trail, it’s a popular destination for hikers, cyclists and even horseback riders.  Of course, with so many rock formations, it goes without saying that it’s also a popular choice for rock climbers (but make sure you obtain a permit and follow the rules and regulations of the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center).

Speaking of rock formations, there are plenty of them.  Go ahead, take your picture next to their famous “Balanced Rock,” stand atop “Steamboat Rick,” admire the beauty of “Cathedral Spikes,” and best of all, that’s only the tip of the sandstone!  To just talk about them or even show pictures doesn’t do them justice.  It’s just something you need to experience in person.

For others, there’s the visitor’s center where you can learn all about the nature of the park including wildlife and geology.  You can even take a peek at the dinosaur they discovered in the park! 

There’s plenty to do here at the Garden of the Gods, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.  For more information including how to plan your next trip, visit their official website. 

Until next time, safe travels!

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